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We produce music in Studio Faust in Prague 

Studio FAUST, in Prague district called Dejvice, is one of the best equipped studios in Central Europe. It was founded in 1991 by Richard Mader. You can meet there musicians and producers from the whole world (producers and artist from One Republic, Depeche Mode, Killing Joke, Neyo, Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, and others).

 “Faust Lab” is a space full of retro, vintage synths and mics:
  • vintage keyboards and pianos – Piano Steinway (in the Blue studio), Fender Rhodes, Hammond, Prophet, Moog, Korg, Arp, Roland and many others
  • Microphones from 1950s, and on;
  • Guitars from 1950s and 1960s:
  • guitars Fender Jazzmaster, Stratocaster, Gibson SG,
  • drums: Ludwig, Sonnor, etc.
Studio FAUST is a residential studio:

offering accomodation, lending of unique vintage instruments and equipment, video documentation, and cooperation with the best symphonic and chamber orchestras and individual musicians of many genres.

Uniqueness of Faust studios

The uniqueness of the studios where we work lies in their both analogue and digital equipment – from the big SSL mixer from 1970s in the Blue studio, Toft mixer in the Green Studio, Apollo and Apogee sound cards, vintage tube preamps, original vintage keyboards, to the classics such as Steinway Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond, and microphones from the ’50s to 2017, guitars from the 1950s and 1960s eg.: Jazzmaster Fender, Stratocaste, Gibson SG, Ludwig and Sonor drums.

There are 4 separate recording spaces in Faust studios:

Blue studio – the largest
Green studio– smaller, perfect for acoustic music, vocals, or smaller electro projects
Brown – ideal for film music production
One underground space is available for the recording of drums, loud guitars, strings etc.

We can book Faust studio for your project even if we do not produce the project.
Price per song

The prices for a composition, mixing and mastering of a song varies greatly. It ranges usually between 500-1.000 USD, depending on the use of drums, live musicians etc. The price includes the rent of the studio. composition, the work of the sound-engineer, mix and mastering.