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Price List (Orientation)

Preparation of songs in Faust Lab (composing, arrangements, vocal coaching) from CZK 350 / hour

  • Rates for the rent of the studio space for recording (Faust Studios):
    • from CZK 300 / hour (Green studio)
    • from 450 CZK / hr (Blue studio)
    • remix made by a Czech or American producer: from 5,000 CZK
    • sound engineer’s work: CZK 350 / hour

    A whole song (composed and recorded by us or together with the artist)

    • from 5,000 CZK (acoustic only)
    • with more live instruments (bass, drums, guitar) from 11.000 CZK including mixing and mastering

    Other services:

    • mix of a song: from 2,000 CZK
    • mastering from 1,000 CZK per song (or as agreed)


    Price for the live recording of artists:

    • Violin trio from 4,500 CZK
    • Brass Trio from 4,500 CZK
    • Bass from 1,500 CZK
    • Drums from 2,000 CZK (including the drum kit)


    Copyright, licences and rights to the songs composed by us or together with the artist are a question of agreement between the artist and the producer (composer). When we compose together with the artist, the authorship division is usually 50% (artist) and 50% (producer) – depending on how much production was involved on our part. It is also possible – upon special agreement – to transfer all the rights and licences to the artist himself/herself.

    * Discounts can be given to selected non-commercial or charity projects, winners of our small competitions, etc.